Sen is a 24-year-old actress and model, based in the Netherlands. With a strong background in piano, singing, and acting, she is committed to continuous learning and growth in her craft. Fluent in Dutch and American English, Sen excels in various accents and languages, which has been honed through 1-on-1 accent coaching for a year.


Currently enrolled in 'Camera Acting' and 'The Actorsstudio' at RJB Studio, Sen is dedicated to expanding her skills and taking on diverse and challenging roles in both acting and modeling. She regularly reads books and listens to podcasts about acting to stay updated and inspired.


Sen's portfolio includes appearances in short films, feature films, TV series, commercials, and modeling work. Her passion for acting and modeling is evident in her dedication to constantly learning and improving through classes, reading, podcasts, and networking events.


Sen aspires to take on more diverse and challenging roles, both in acting and modeling. She is also focused on expanding her musical repertoire by focusing on singing and looks forward to enhancing her skills in piano and solo performances.


Sen's modeling measurements are US Height: 5'8", Weight: 165 lbs, Waist: 28, Hips: 38, Bust: 37, Dress: 40, Shoes: 8. Her EU measurements are Height: 173 cm, Weight: 75 kg, Waist: 72, Hips: 99, Bust: 94, Dress: 40, Shoes: 39. No tattoos or piercings. 


When she's not acting or modeling, Sen enjoys playing the piano, singing, painting, writing, working out, and traveling. Her diverse range of hobbies reflects her creative and adventurous spirit.

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