De Waarheid

A short film by Irmo Stijnberg
Role: Sofie

Timothy, a young passionate graphic designer, faces the daily challenge of stuttering. One unfortunate day at the graphic design firm he works at, HR calls Timothy in for a meeting where he is blindsided by sexual harassment accusations from a female client, specifically the client's assistant, Sofie.


A feature film by Shirley de Vrede
Role: June Dubois


The most recent project I’m working on, is a feature film which will start filming at the end of this year. ‘Strangers’ is a science fiction thriller. 

De Vuurlinie (Line Of Fire)

A feature film by Roel Reiné
Role: Mirjam's friend

‘Line of Fire’, a modern tale about a Dutch soldier who became a hero in Afghanistan war but when he returned to The Netherlands, his award for a daring mission becomes his downfall.

A tv-series by Annemarie van de Mond
Role: Pianist

Three women visit the notary, discover they are half-sisters, and must find a way to share the inheritance (a farm). Meanwhile, questions arise about their half-sisterhood and how their father died.


Commercial by Shirley de Vrede